I work with dreams on a daily bases, both those of mine and those of my patients.  In the process of recalling dreams, for the most part, what we remember are images.  Images are symbolic pictures of the language used by Psyche.



The dreamer sees a clear blue ocean, no land in sight, in the center of this image is a huge ocean liner, maybe even an aircraft carrier that is in the process of turning around.


For now, as the journey with my online presence is in its infancy, I’ll ask you, the reader, to give feedback on what you think the meaning(s) are for this dream.

In a later blog I will return to this dream with my analysis.


3 thoughts

  1. You have a good definition of Psyche that I would include here. Clear blue ocean – hmmmm…..new enough that I’m not sure about that meaning but I would expect that clear would mean your pscyhe is in a good place, a calm place. And maybe you are in the driver’s seat on this airliner or ship – and ready to turn around on something that has been in your unconscious. Hmmmm….

    1. Thank you, Hannes
      Interesting perspective. I will soon be adding more about psyche and the energy flow of our responsibility with co-creation.

  2. I agree with what Hannes has stated. I do wonder though that since the dreamer *sees* the craft, maybe the dreamer is seeing it from a different perspective and is not on board. That being said, the dreamer is either standing in water or viewing everything from above. Something has been accomplished and there is no reason to turn back?

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