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Wilkins Publishes New Book!

The Alchemy of Fairy Tales, Vol. 1, provides a template for today’s scholars of fairy tales and of depth psychology for use in both the academic and clinical settings. The Jungian Scholar would have, from Jung’s Collected Works, knowledge of the relevance of alchemical sciences to depth psychology.  Few, if any, of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales are accompanied by a multifaceted depth psychology analysis. Some promote a variety of archetypal themes but, to my knowledge, none overtly promote the complete analysis of individual fairy tales with the significance of alchemy. The Alchemy of Fairy Tales centers on a depth psychological approach in the alchemical analyses. These analyses show relevance in the domains of personal and collective dynamics of individuation and, therefore, co-creation. Using original translations of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, supported by a half century of clinical practice, this text exposes a variety of mental health dysfunctions as they move along a continuum from dysfunction to wellness—the movement from pathologizing to psychologizing symptoms.

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