#25 The Seven Ravens

Hartman translation: “A man had seven sons and still no little daughter, as much as he wished for one. Finally, his wife again gave him high hope for a child, and when it came into the world, it was indeed a little girl. His happiness was great, but the child was small and thin, and because of its weakness, had to have an emergency baptism…” Read more

Wilkins analysis and commentary: The language of numerology is brought into the tale by the number Seven (7) in the title. Seven indicates completion and accomplishments well done. Ravens are birds that throughout history, in various myths and folklore, have often been presented as messengers from the gods between the worlds of life and death.  Their messages can be either positive or ominous.  From this title, we know the tale is focused on fulfillment and an array of messages…. Read more

Illustrator note: When I read a story with the intention of illustrating it, usually an image will present itself to me and that’s where I begin the illustration process. In the case of the Seven Ravens, three things stood out to me….. Read more