#26 Little Red Cap

Illustration by Donna Dennis

Artist comments: Grimms’ Little Red Cap fairy tale deviated quite a bit from the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale I grew up hearing.  The story of Little Red Cap was, to me, the story of my life as a child—very innocent and unknowing of the dark side of the world.  I loved to be outdoors among the flowers, smelling and seeing the beauty of the landscape. Because of this, I never learned the importance of being responsible.

In my drawing, the wolf is lurking, looking over Little Red Cap’s shoulder and waiting to make sure she remains in the realm of innocence before the attack.  Little Red Cap is really looking forward to seeing her grandmother, but instead of doing her duty, she is distracted by the flowers.   Like her, my grandmother’s house was always very pleasant, with something always cooking and very joyful.  When with her, I never had to think of the dark energy that was around. As I have grown up I realized that to be able to live in this world, you must know the dark side.  Sometimes the innocence has to be left behind.