#26 Little Red Cap

Hartman translation: “There was once a sweet little maid whom everyone loved who even looked at her, but her grandmother lover her the most and could not stop thinking what all she should give the child. Once, she made her a present of a little cap of red velvet, and because it was so becoming to her, and she did not want to wear anything else, she was called simply, Little Red Cap. One day her mother said to her: “Come Little Red Cap, here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine; take it over to your grandmother….” Read more

Wilkins analysis and commentary: The choice of the word “Little” in the title, “Little Red Cap” (Little Red Cap), refers to size, age,  and is also a reference to innocence (naive consciousness) and youth. 
“Red” designates a color, representative of a fourth stage of the alchemical process.  In addition, it is symbolic of blood, danger, the energy of the life force, and heat. Psychoanalytically, it is associated with sexuality, passion, and sin.  From depth psychology, red is a stage of individuation where destiny has both been recognized and actualized…. Read more

Illustrator note: Grimms’ Little Red Cap fairy tale deviated quite a bit from the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale I grew up hearing.  The story of Little Red Cap was, to me, the story of my life as a child—very innocent and unknowing of the dark side of the world.  I loved to be outdoors among the flowers, smelling and seeing the beauty of the landscape. Because of this, I never learned the importance of being responsible…. Read more