#23 Concerning the Little Mouse, the Little Bird, and the Bratwurst

Hartman translation: “Once a little mouse, a little bird, and a bratwurst fell into each other’s company, maintained a household, and lived delightfully well in peace and increased their holdings most admirably. The little bird’s work was to fly in to the forest daily and fetch wood. The mouse was supposed to carry water, light the fire, and set the table. The bratwurst was supposed to cook…” Read more

Wilkins analysis and commentary: Immediately this title recognizes a relationship exists between these three dissimilar characters.  In addition, we know that the word “little,” of course, refers to size but also can refer to innocence and youth. Beyond this, we also know with the use of the word “concerning” that perhaps something troublesome will arise or has arisen within their relationship… Read more

Illustrator note: I was in college when I became obsessed with stories from the Grimm brothers’ collection of fairy tales. One of the tales, known to me at that time was called, “The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage.” I had more or less memorized the tale and told it to many of my friends… Read more