The Frog King or Iron Henry

Illustration by Audrey Leamon

Artist comments:  It was such a surprise to read the original version of The Frog Prince. In the Disney version of course, the story has been romanticized to the point that the maiden kissing the frog seems more like a good deed. The moral of which is “be kind to those who look froggy (warts and all) and in the long run you will be rewarded.”

In reality, the story tells us, you have a right to declare “enough already!” and to cease giving in to this obnoxious creature and his nagging demands even to the point of violence. Which, in the long run, released him to be his true self.

The character of “Iron Henry” seemed to me to be both a mentor and an alter ego which is why I chose to represent him as a silhouette; large and looming, but watching over all.