Due to the CDC guidelines related to the pandemic, I am now providing sessions and new patient assessment via telemedicine modality. Please contact me at 913-530-2802 Monday-Thursday between 9:00 am & 4:00 pm.

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Welcome to The Eagle’s Nest Holistic Mental Health.  I began this Holistic Psychiatric/Mental Health Practice in 1986.

Perhaps you have found your way to my website because of symptoms like:  anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain or loss, anger issues, hopeless or lonely, compulsions, or apathy.

Related to such concerns as:  relationship problems, illness, loss of a loved one, frustrations at work, struggles with personal identity,  worries about your physical health, feelings of emptiness and loneliness, or you’ve had a dream that you’d like an expert help you unpack.

As an advanced practice psychiatric/mental health nurse and having earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology with specialization in Depth Psychology,  I am uniquely qualified to work with you in addressing your individual needs by assessing and managing your psychiatric medication and physical concerns with appropriate referrals. In lieu of prescription medications, some individuals benefit from over-the-counter homeopathic/subtle energy medications.

Psychotherapy operates through carrying out a dialogue not only about life issues that have become central, bothersome, or difficult but also those which are joyful, satisfying, and which give a feeling of personal well-being.  Psychotherapy can involve discussion of current life experiences, events which took place in the past, and emotional reactions to them, as well as dreams, fantasies, life plans and goals, ways of interacting with others, and many other personal considerations which are too numerous to mention.  Recognition of the many types of life experiences that one has had brings with it corresponding feelings.

This site has been developed for the purposes of education, inspiration, and support in your soul’s journey.  After many years of private practice, I now have come to a place where I want to expand my influence and to become more accessible through writing and offering classes in DeSoto and eventually online.