Class Schedule

PLEASE NOTE:   Classes are being held either in person or using the Zoom platform.  Contact Dr. Wilkins @ 913-530-2802 in advance if you wish to attend either of the classes below.

Jungian Analytic/Depth Psychology Class meets the 4th Saturday of every month at 3pm


Hagitude by Sharon Blackie

Birthing the Holy by Christine Valters Painter

Untie the Strong Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The three books (above) provide us with an opportunity to explore the feminine, both mundane and divine. From a multidimensional perspective, self-reflection sensitive to planetary as well as human transcendence will be facilitated. Recognizing our planet as Gaia is growing through transformational/transcendent evolution comparable to that of humans.  

Each month, the participants will receive a study guide to facilitate our way through each of these texts.  The introductory session occurred in August of 2023.  Therefore, if you are interested in this class, there is still an opportunity to join.   Those who participate in person have an opportunity to walk the labyrinth on the property (see pictures above) either prior to class or afterward.

The reason for this study is that by looking at t the multidimensionality of transcendence both in the human and planetary domains, we can promote balance between the energies of the masculine and the feminine (animus and anima).  The dynamic of circumambulating these energies will be emphasized.  

Our quest is to look both within and outward and to move beyond polarizing dynamics.    Again, we are challenged to embrace the power of “story,” our own stories and those of the planets.  In addition, we will experience, the art of story and the story of art, recognizing that play is both story and art.

This new study experience begins at 3:00pm for those attending via the Zoom platform and 2:30 for those attending in person.  In addition to the class fees (paid monthly), students are asked to purchase the primary resources used in the class. Class fees are $35 a person and can be paid in person or by clicking on the Pay Pal link below.

Fairy Tale Class meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm. 

Fairy Tale Class meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. on Zoom.  Each week on class day, students are provided a copy of a dream  and a Fairy Tale to be analyzed during class. Students read together the fairy tale and then using the holographic model developed by Dr. Wilkins and as explained in her books, The Alchemy of Fairy Tales (Volumes I and II), engage in discussion on the story’s analysis.  There are no other resources students need to purchase.

Class fees are $25 a person per class and can be paid using the Pay Pal link below.